SQL Saturday Baton Rouge 2018

It’s their 10th year already! Who will I see there?

SQL Saturday Baton Rouge 2018 is open for registration! The event will be held on August 11, 2018. Please visit the website and sign up if you’re interested. If you’re interested in development at all this is a must attend event. The sessions span all areas of development. As the site says: For the 10th […]

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SQL Last Day of Month

How do I get the last day of the month in a SQL query? Someone recently asked me this question and as with so many questions in development the answer is: it depends.

Prior to SQL Server 2012, this is what typical T-SQL to compute last day of the month would look like:

DECLARE @date DATE = '2017-12-15';
DECLARE @firstOfMonth DATE = DATEFROMPARTS(YEAR(@date), MONTH(@date), 1);

With SQL Server 2012 or later, the EOMONTH() gives you a much more concise option which looks like:

DECLARE @date DATE = '2017-12-15';

Update on ASP.NET Forms Bootstrap Menu Control

I finally took the time to move my ASP.NET Forms Bootstrap Menu Control code over to a GitHub repository. Because of the move, I’ve closed the comments on the original post in hopes of moving all discussion regarding the control to its repository.

I’ve also built out 2 separate example projects. The first shows how to use the control with just the class file. The second shows how to use the control by referencing the project from a separate class library.