New Cell Phone

So I geeked out and finally bought a pda phone. I got the Cingular 8125 Windows Mobile 5 phone. I’ve been having it for about a month or 2 now but I didn’t want to post anything about it until I had a chance to form an opinion about it.

Like most self-proclaimed nerds/geeks, I’ve had pda’s before but having both a cell phone and a pda was awkward. I ended up selling both of the pda’s that I had previously owned to some friends. (For those wondering, I had a Dell Axim and before that a Palm m125)


The reviews that I read in my “do I want to buy this” phase said that if your reception was bad before you wouldn’t enjoy any better with the 8125. I have not found this to be true. I have excellent reception with the 8125 and sometimes in places where I had none before.

Software and Applications

It runs on Windows Mobile 5 so there is an abundant supply of applications, etc available for download on the internet. The fact that Microsoft only released Windows Media Player for the phone with 4 codecs (2 audio and 2 video) really bothered me at first until I found The Core Pocket Media Player. This media package solved all of my issues with media playback.

I haven’t really messed with to many of the pre-packaged software outside of the Outlook tie-ins (notes, calendar, contacts, etc). But, if you’re like me, you’ll get more use out of the apps you’ve choosen to install like the work/field specific apps or the shopping list program you download because you can never seem to remember the last item you need from Wal-Mart.


Bluetooth is great but it is almost a standard feature in today’s cell phone industry. It was easy to setup my headset… Which is about the full extent of my Bluetooth use. What do I really love about this phone’s connectivity? Built in Wi-Fi! I added the phone’s MAC address to my wireless router and it connected with no problems.

Hardware and Design

I have to start with the Sidekick like slide out keyboard. It takes a bit of getting used to but as your typing speed increases you’ll love it more and more. It’s a complete life saver when surfing the internet, sending emails and text messages, etc. Since I usually keep my phone’s stylus input mode on Transcribe, the keyboard also helps get those characters that the software just can’t seem convert.


I was a bit nervous about buying the 8125 when I first got it since I still had reservations about pda’s in general after my past experiences. Between the 8125 combining my cell phone with a pda and the variety of applications for the Windows Mobile platform (sadly lacking when I owned the Axim), I am very satisfied with my purchase. The phone connects well in places where previous phones wouldn’t have had a single bar of reception. The phone is designed well and feels comfortable in you hand in most situations. And who can forget the Wi-Fi!

I hope you enjoy the read and if you were thinking of purchasing an 8125, I sincerely hope that this helped you one way or the other.

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