Review: Nokia Lumia 920

I’ve had the Nokia Lumia 920 for a few months now and I think I can give a pretty good review. The phone was quite large to me at first but I did have an HTC Aria before this so anything was going to be huge to me. The phone is a bit heavy but the build quality is excellent. The screen looks great in a variety of lighting conditions. I’ve yet to use the “you can use gloves” feature since we never get glove weather but my wife loves that she can use her fingernails.

Side Note: The OtterBox case must be the best built OtterBox case I’ve ever seen. Even my carrier’s sales rep was amazed at how snug the phone sat in the case and how well it was made. I’m extremely glad I bought it considering I’ve dropped my phone multiple times now…

Wireless Charging

Wireless charging is also an interesting addition to the phone. The phone’s battery can easily go at least all day without a charge if you’re not using it much. With wireless charging, it really doesn’t matter how much you use it though. I usually just keep my phone on my desk anyway. Now I just make sure to drop it on the charging plate. As a bonus, the phone will never have the charging port/cable go bad which seems to be a common problem amongst my friends and family.


I was a bit worried about the camera with some people saying it doesn’t live up to the hype. They were wrong. The camera produces beautiful pictures. I will agree with some reviewers in that the built in software is a bit limited but a quick search on the marketplace for additional Lenses will fix that quickly.

Operating System

Not much to say about the operating system. Windows Phone is easy to use and intuitive. There are some great ease of use features like the ability to text a reply directly in the incoming call screen. There are two features suprisingly missing from the OS though: an incoming call blacklist and automatic silent/vibrate when appointment is marked busy. Add these 2 features Microsoft and you’ve got a perfect OS.

The browser (IE10) has worked amazing although I do wish they’d implement the full version’s InPrivate mode into the phone version. I keep my gaming accounts separate and InPrivate is an easy way to move between accounts.


Play and iTunes boast about the number of applications that they have but let’s be realistic. How many of those applications are actually be used by consumers. I have not had trouble finding applications for Windows Phone.

With that said, I don’t game much on my phone besides Sudoku and Word Search type applications and I never used Instagram which is the big one I hear people complain about. If I want to share photos with people, I put them on Facebook. And I’m blaming Google for YouTube. There are some great 3rd party YouTube applications (PrimeTube, MetroTube, etc) but Google keeps breaking them. I use Vimeo for my personal and work-related videos anyway since they have a group feature.


I would definitely recommend the Lumia 920 to anyone in the market for a easy to use phone.

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