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How I Cut the Cord

About a year ago, we decided to “cut the cord” and get rid of cable. We’ve been extremely happy with our setup and multiple friends have asked which products and services we’re using. As an answer to all the questions, here is a write up explaining our setup.

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Review: ASUS Transformer Book T100

At the end of November, I bought my wife an ASUS Transformer T100 and she loves it. I’ve also used it occasionally (okay so I actually meant A LOT) and I wanted to write up a quick review.

The Good

The touch screen is responsive and the machine hasn’t shown any performance issues in web browsing, Microsoft Office, or video consumption. The battery has lasted for at least 8 hours consistently. Also, having a full version of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint included with the machine is a godsend.

The Tolerable

The touchpad on the keyboard dock could be made a bit better. The touchpad buttons are a bit hard to click but if you only left-click on the touchpad you’ll never notice. My wife hasn’t noticed but I’ve noticed because of how much I right-click (ex., right click open in new browser tab). I’ve learned to just use the touchscreen for these types of operations on the T100.

The Bad

The one real downside of this machine is charging it. Charging over USB takes forever and can be hindered by the keyboard dock. To get a good charge, you have to undock from the keyboard and leave it charging overnight. We can deal with charging overnight but I wish ASUS would have used a technology that charges much faster. If you kill the battery early in the day, you’ll be waiting a few hours to be able to use the T100 without it being plugged in.


This machine does exactly what we wanted it to do. It’s an excellent 2 in 1 convertible and it is definitely worth the price. I would recommend it for anyone that isn’t a power user or has another primary computer.

Power users will want something that can run more power hungry programs without having to remote. I have used the T100 with remote desktop for programs like Photoshop, Visual Studio, and Adobe Premiere Elements but latency was a bit too much to make it a realistic work scenario.

Update July 26, 2014

I finally decided to buy a new charger for the tablet and it has made a world of difference. We no longer have any issues with charging!

Computer Induced Headache

My mother-in-law to be was having some computer troubles and she asked me to look at it. (It was freezing at the Windows XP screen with the blue progress bar.) I picked it up about a week ago and I finally got around it looking at it last night. The first step of getting her data off was simple enough. I threw in the Ubuntu live CD and moved her files onto my 160GB portable drive.

Then I sat down to reinstall her copy of Windows. Here is where the fun began boys and girls. It froze up on the “Setup is Starting Windows” screen. I did some research online and found this thread which matches my problem perfectly. I must have exhausted every possible solution listed in the entire thread to no avail… And then, by complete chance, I look off to the side and see a gutted tower with only a motherboard and cpu left in it. About four hours into this at this point, I figure why not…

I rip everything out of her computer, throw it together this old case, and start her XP install again. It runs on the first try. It must have been a cpu/motherboard issue considering the only things that changed were the motherboard and cpu, and the computer had just run a Ubuntu live without any issue.

And people wonder why I stopped fixing computers on the side when I got a job after college…