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iPod Battery Not Holding a Charge?

Next time you think your battery is going bad in your iPod because it doesn’t hold a charge anymore just try draining the battery completely.

If you’ve read through the blog, you know that I own a 30GB iPod video (Post). I bought it so that I could have something to listen to while I’m at work and I found that it can easily go the entire work day on a single charge. But, one day recently, I went to work, turned on my iPod, and about 3-4 hours later my iPod showed low battery. I couldn’t figure out what was going on and immediately I thought that my battery was going bad. Then I calmed down and started thinking about it. Never in the time that I had owned my iPod, had I ever let the battery discharge. It was worth a shot since I thought I’d be buying a new battery or even iPod. I just let my iPod play until the battery was completely dead and when I got home from work that night I plugged it in to charge overnight. The next morning when I got to work I turned it on and let it play. I left work that day and it was still going strong, EQ and all.

New iPod

So I bought myself an iPod (30gb one with video) for Christmas. It’s the first Apple product I’ve ever purchased and the first I’ve used since I sat behind an Apple IIe back in 6th grade!!! OK back on topic… I love my iPod. I’m a music lover and it let’s me bring my whole music collection anywhere I want to go. And when I say whole, I mean it. I have over 150 cds and they all fit on this thing. I’ve been using it at work and I just hit shuffle in the morning and then leave without ever having to hear the same song twice.

I’m trying to get into the podcast thing but I’ve only found a few that are worth downloading all the time. If you know of any good ones please tell me.